Friday, January 28, 2005 The suicide of a teenager is always a tragedy. Whether you are student or teacher, you always feel guilty for not having been able to see enough of not having done enough ... Several recent events lead me to focus on this theme. The suicide Noemie, 15, (who had announced on his blog) is an opportunity to reflect on what is a major cause of death among adolescents. It also encourages vigilance and listening. This is our adult responsibility. Good reading... --------------------------------------------- - 28/01/05 Liberation death at age 15 at Cape Gris Nez They were friends. Naomi, 15, and Clemence, 14. One is dead, the other disappeared. The body of Naomi was found Wednesday afternoon below the majestic cliffs of Cap Gris Nez (Pas-de-Calais), against England. His body showed signs of his fall in the rocks, and homework help
but no traces of pressures that leave believing that it would be discussed. Shortly before his fall, his wrists bled, as if she had opened the veins. Tuesday morning, Naomi went to college as usual. But it has dried in the afternoon. She gave the impression of being "shy and withdrawn," according to the principal of the college Jean Monnet Coulogne. . [...] Near the school, students say that Clemence, last in a family of five, wrote on his skyblog, diary on the Net, "poems about death." But other girls tell she was "funny dippy, always cheerful." Pretty, red hair strands, a shoulder bag scribbled paperwork banging his knee, loose pants. "She swung dumplings on the teacher," says a student from his school who discovered the disappearance of a cat on the Internet on Wednesday night: "A girl had put her picture in the background, and she had written" You will always be in my heart. " I made the connection with the girl who had disappeared. "Everyone describes it as" tonic ". [...] Read more from the article" The mobile initiatory step Teen "Celine Metton, PhD student at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en sciences Sociales (EHESS), writing a thesis on how teens seize the new technologies. She particularly studying their use of mobile phones. What this "individualized communication tool," he changes the behavior of adolescents? The mobile phone plays a symbolic role in the onset of adolescence. With it, one has the feeling to become great. For 10-12 years, the notebook offers the possibility to break away from home, while remaining faithful there. And violate the rule. It obeys the parents ordered to go to bed, but it sends from his room SMS to friends. It is a symbol of freedom and sociability. And customizes (hull, ringer, logos) to see that it gives itself. Parents or older, give up their old model to the younger. A bit like it happens in clothing siblings. But recover an old laptop, a "refrigerator" as the teens, it is shame. So when a young person acquires a really him, it's a bit the same pride that during the first car, an initiatory practice. Read more of the article Young, a gold target all teenagers do not have a mobile. A third of 12-17 years yet of resistance. But their numbers every year, is crumbling. This is according to a forthcoming study Credoc, conducted at the request of the ART (Telecom Regulatory Authority). The personal possession of a mobile made among teens jumped from 63 to 66% within a year. Youth are on track to catch up with their seniors, those aged 18-24, reached saturation, and equipped with a mobile 91%. Teens are also SMS champions: one in two young (between 12 and 17 years) in ships more than ten per week and they are quite experienced in new uses, yet the study found, such as navigation on their mobile on websites, practiced by one in five. We team also becoming younger. According to TNS Media Intelligence, a research institute, 6% of 8 to 10 years also have their laptop. Read more of the article Master Ferry distributes good and bad points By Emmanuel DAVIDENKOFF How can you be a minister? Essay on the governability of democracies, by Luc Ferry, Plon, 296 pp., € 19.50. The former Minister of Education made the advocacy of its impotence and its political contradictions ... without opponents. Read the rest of the article ------------------------------------------- - Le Figaro 28/01/05 Dying to 15 years for a heartache That is the drama of a fragile teenager before which adults are speechless. Naomi, 14, and Clemence, 15, were good friends and were often, one inhabitant Calais and the other its suburbs. The body of one of them was rescued yesterday afternoon, off Cap Blanc-Nez, near Calais. Investigators leaned last night for a double suicide, even if the other girl was always sought More Article ----------------------- -------------------- Humanity of 28/01/05 "the memory needs an education policy that makes sense" (edition of 27-01- 05) An interview with Georges Bensoussan. Professor of history and geography of public education, it is five years seconded to the Center of Contemporary Jewish Documentation (CDJC). He is editor of the Shoah History Review and head of the publishing sector. [...] The problems encountered by France in the integration of part of the immigration population, especially Arab and African is affect the Holocaust education. There is resentment in the suburbs who, at the instigation of a few, eventually focusing on "the Jews", abstract and diabolical entity would control everything, power, media, money ... wrongfully reduced the Holocaust, the Jewish memory is perceived as invasive, "There's only for them. "We are in competition victims and crystallization resentment. But also in a classic figure of recorded history under the term "anti-Semitism plebeian" anti-Semitism of the left-nots, the poor, the rejected, the excluded. [...] A political teaching Holocaust can not be confined to the defense of tolerance and stigma of exclusion of the other speeches. He must clarify three questions: What characterizes the Jewish genocide? What are the milestones of the design of mass murder by Nazi Germany? What led one of the western world to accept it? Nothing was registered, or given in advance. This is not because Hitler had seized power and held for about genocide that acting out was inevitable. [...] Nazism was condemned and banished declared criminal enterprise, but we still think barbarism and contradictory modernity, while Nazism combined the two. The economic eugenics not he remains at the heart of developments in our society, the individual goods worth not only in terms of its productive function? The vigilance of the citizen facing the unprecedented power of the state not she is imperative even in democratic societies? There are no genocidal policy without a state apparatus. This does nothing to keep a populist discourse on the state. The State guarantees the right actor and solidarity was a breakthrough. Still, in our Western society in Europe, the genocidal state and its cronies are from democratic societies. If "duty to remember" there, it should not be built in a civil religion, but found a demanding reflection on our society and its future. Read more of the article Plateau tele.Boulette For Warhol, with the small screen, each would have "its heyday quarter." But beware, the fleeting notoriety because cathode, maybe double-edged. Basically, even if many people make their living as well, it is better not to say bullshit. So on Tuesday, yet another topic in the News of the Pujadas tsunami. [...] And yet, our curiosity is aroused by a pellet, an unfortunate phrase involuntary and scathing irony, this ersatz tasteless whose only excuse is not be intentional. A teacher facing his class, because it has in its ranks a survivor, brought together nearly 500 euros to help the victims of the natural disaster, "That's good. It is very good. Even if it is only a drop in the ocean. "And the class to applaud. Read the rest of the article ------------------------------------------- --------- 28/01/05 Clemence Le Parisien announced its Internet suicide the content of the message left on the Internet leaves little hope: the girl has likely ended his days a project she had announced in mid-November on his "blog" staff diary so that all users have read for weeks. These messages reveal to thirty-three pages over the distress of a teenager tormented by a disappointment in love. Her boyfriend left her. Clemence does not support. Life has more taste. The girl will thus describe his dark moods for weeks through texts, poems, often illustrated with pictures of her, her lover, snapshots of friends ... How many Internet users have read disturbing secrets of a teenager attracted by the dark side of things? Impossible to say. Read the rest of the article ------------------------------------------- ----- the Cross of Nothing seen ... 28/01/05 -------------------------------- ---------------- 20 minutes from Fontenay 28/01/05: students still on strike on strike since Monday, the students of Pablo Picasso high school Fontenay-sous-Bois (Val -de-Marne) demonstrated yesterday in Saint-Mande. They claim the tenure of one of their teachers, employed as temporary, whose contract ended in late last week. They were joined by students from Vincennes and Nogent. "300 part-time faculty in the department of Val-de-Marne and thousands in France are left with nothing when they have completed 200 hours," lamented Jean-Francois Voguet (CPF), senator and mayor of Fontenay, which should be received a delegation from the Ministry of Education about it. Read the rest of the article ------------------------------------------- ------ Ouest France 28/01/05 the shock of images, the weight of reflection "students are so bloody drink of news images, comments referring to the word 'genocide' , it is sometimes difficult to make them admit that the Holocaust is a genocide different from others. "At the time when Europe gathers in Auschwitz, this reflection of a history teacher, a certain difficulty in understanding the place of the extermination of Jews in history, must be heard. [...] So, choose the teaching and reflection against shock images. And make our own this warning of historian Annette Wieviorka "If nothing was sent before the trip to Auschwitz is useless. " Read the rest of the article ------------------------------------------ ------- Le Monde 29/01/05 report calls the selection of foreign students This is a confidential note thirty pages that should stir the french academia. Written by Josy Reiffers, former deputy director Luc Ferry's cabinet, the report submitted on 15 November 2004 Minister of Education, Francois Fillon describes the state of quite dark places of reception conditions of foreign students in France. The author, who was also president of the University of Bordeaux II, particularly emphasizes the low attractiveness of French universities and pleaded, echoing the debate on quotas of immigrants (Le Monde, January 20) for the establishment of a selecting students. Read more of the article The academic challenge France is one of five countries that receive the most foreign students, with the United States, Britain, Germany and Australia. In a world speaking more English, this result may seem honorable. And beneficial, considering that part of the 1.9 million young people who study outside their country could become the preferred vehicle of French influence. But do not entertain illusions about 240,000 foreign students - 50% from Africa and the Maghreb - trained today in universities and, for a minority, in large French schools. Certainly, the number of students increased by almost 90 000 in five years, but the figures cover disparate realities. The report by the former deputy director of Luc Ferry firm, Josy Reiffers shows that without a clearly stated strategy, but also a decent accommodation capacity, France hardly attract the best. They dream, above all, the great American or British universities. Even students in French schools abroad prefer the Anglo-Saxon universities! [...] Rather than "make sales" and stuff the foreign lecture halls for the sole purpose of getting more credit for rue de Grenelle, no recruitment policy, training or follow-up, university officials would do better to offer interesting courses and improve student housing. These are often hosted today in overcrowded buildings and in dilapidated university campuses. France must adopt a coherent policy if it wants to maintain its position in higher education and, consequently, in the search. And if it wants to maintain and develop in the world, intellectual influence and uncertain policy today. Read more of the article The US is trying to convince that they are still "open" The US government is trying to encourage foreign students to come back to study in the United States. Since the attacks of September 2001, their number has declined. In 2003-2004, the number of applications for enrollment was 572,500, a decrease of 2.4% compared to the previous year. According to the central body, the Institute of International Education is the first time since 1971 that the number of foreign students is not increasing. Read more of the article Two teenage girls allegedly thrown from a cliff after a "morbidly pact" Pictures of angels and scarification, multiple blood stains, poems that speak of death and great love disappointed. Clemence, 14, was no longer a secret of his desire to die, it announced almost daily in the pages of his "blog", a journal it broadcast on 15 November 2004 on the internet. To sit, she chose a pseudonym: "Angel de Tristess" .L'adolescente disappeared, Tuesday 25 January, three days after having posted a farewell message on his last "Skyblog" [...] Sadness. anger, guilt ... in Claude Monnet college Coulogne, two psychologists have received, on Thursday, dozens of distraught students, often reddened eyes. "She always showed cheerfully, she was fine with everyone sighed in disbelief, a third student. Then Monday it had snowed, we threw balls, she said she would never see the snow." Read the rest of the article ------------------------------------------- - Posted by Watrelot on Friday, January 28, 2005